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Shengguan Group is located at Zibo City, Shandong Province, with Shandong Shengli Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (SLSP) as the parent company, Hunan Shengli Xianggang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Xingjiang Shengli Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Shengli Steel Pipe (Dezhou) Co., Ltd., Shandong Muxin Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Shengli Trading Co., Ltd. as the subsidiaries. SLSP was established in 1972, originally belonging to Shengli Oilfield of China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC), and was put under the administration of  China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC) together with Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau in 1998. In addition, SLSP became the first enterprise of Shengli Oilfield to restructure into an enterprise owned by the whole people in June 2004. On December 18, 2009, SLSP was successfully listed on the main board of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. (SEHK) with stock code 01080.HK.。

Shengguan Group owns twelve one-step SAWH pipe production lines and one two-step (tack and final) SAWH pipe production line that reaches international advanced level. These thirteen SAWH pipe production lines have the capability of producing Φ219-Φ2200mm SAWH pipes with wall thickness up to 25.4mm and steel grade up to X120, and their annual production capacity is up to 1.45 million tons. Besides SAWH pipe production lines, Shengguan Group has one SAWL pipe production line that has the capability of producingφ508-φ1422mm pipes with wall thickness up to 60 mm, steel grade up to X120, and whose annual production capacity is about 400000 tons. In addition, Shengguan Group owns five external coating lines that can meet the requirements for Φ219-Φ1620mm pipes and four internal lining lines that can meet the requirements for Φ406-Φ1620mm pipes. The annual anti-corrosion area of Shengguan Group is up to 10 million square meters.

Shengguan Group always perseveres in the development strategy of rejuvenating the enterprise through science and technology, and constantly enhances its competitiveness with advanced technology. With one Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Center of Oil and Gas Transportation Pipes, one Nationally Accredited Quality Inspection Laboratory, and one Academician Workstation, Shengguan Group has a strong strength to develop and produce oil and gas transportation welded pipes with large diameter, high steel grade, heavy wall thickness and high performance.

Over the years, the production output and sales value of Shengguan Group’s high-end oil and gas transportation pipes rank in the tops in China. Shengguan Group has provided over three million tons of high-quality welded pipes for many significant pipeline projects both at home and abroad, such as Shanxi-Beijing Gas Pipeline Project, Sudan Crude Oil Pipeline Project, First West-East Gas Pipeline Project, Ningbo-Shanghai-Nanjing Oil Pipeline Project, Southwest Oil Pipeline Project, Jinan-Qingdao Pipeline Project, Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline Project, Yizheng-Changling Crude Oil Pipeline Project, West Crude Oil Pipeline Project, Sichuan-East China Gas Pipeline Project, Shandong-Anhui Oil Pipeline Project, Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline Project, Rizhao-Jiaozhou Pipeline Project, Algeria Pipeline Project, Sebei-Xining-Lanzhou Gas Pipeline Project, Yulin-Jinan Pipeline Project, Second West-East Gas Pipeline Project, Assia-China Pipeline Project, Myanmar-China Crude Oil and Gas Pipeline Project, Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline Project, Changqing-Hohhot Crude Oil Pipeline Project, Third West-East Gas Pipeline Project, Central Asia Gas Pipeline Line C Project, Tanzania Natural Gas Plant and Pipeline Project, Guangxi LNG Pipeline Project, Shandong LNG Pipeline Project, etc.

Shengguan Group always follows its business guidelines that “keep improving the quality, manage the enterprise scientifically and normatively, run the business honestly and credibly, and serve the customers sincerely and passionately”. With strong strength and advantages of production, technology, operation and management, Shengguan Group looks forward to joining hands with friends at home and abroad to strive for a win-win outcome.

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